Back Taxes, Debt Relief and Tax Liens – What We Should Learn

Feel like this after dealing with the IRS?

Feel like this after dealing with the IRS?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases that you can find all over the internet and local news about people not paying their taxes. From local business owners, to politicians and even celebrities of all kinds – this is not something that should be new to us as American citizens. So what should you do if this happens to you? What should you do if a letter shows up in your mailbox one day? With over 20 years of tax debt relief experience, the team at Talon Tax has some insightful ideas and topics of discussion on this matter.

Marc Anthony Owes New York $2.5 Million in Back Taxes

Singer Marc Anthony has agreed to pay about $2.5 million in back taxes, interest, and penalties to the State of New York due to his failure to file returns for five years, the Manhattan District Attorney announced Wednesday.

Anthony has not been charged, but his manager, accountant, and his three companies all pleaded guilty to tax crimes in a plea deal reached with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Anthony must pay the $2.5 million by June 1.

A state Department of Taxation computer drew attention to Anthony when it kicked out his state return due to discrepancies, according to Peter Farrell, an assistant deputy commissioner of the department.

The New York born Anthony, who is married to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, was not charge due to his reliance on his accountant to file his tax returns, Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said. Continue reading


Tax Relief Attorney – Find Out How Tax Attorneys Can Save You

If any of these are the case then you must consider seeking advice from with an experienced tax relief lawyer who can help you get out of major tax related problems. These legal representatives can assist you by providing you with all of their know-how and understanding in getting optimal possible tax relief. A lot of people know practically absolutely nothing about the tax guidelines and policies, and even less know the proper means to deal with tax debt issues.

If you really want tax reduction in your company then be sure to pick tax relief attorneys that have experience dealing with company taxes. Unless you are familiar with tax laws and policies, getting this kind of decrease is primarily most likely possible when you have an experienced tax relief lawyer on your side.

There are other crucial services like audit representation, tax recommendations, financial investment guidance, trust fund recovery and levy management which are provided by these lawyers. They have all the competence regarding policies, regulations and all the legal treatments related to tax charges. If you fail to pay your due taxes then IRS (Internal Revenue Service) can charge you one or more of the about 140 various types of tax charges. Continue reading

Do not Fight the IRS Alone You Need Help from the Experts at Talon Tax

One of the scariest circumstances in life is having to fight an enormous federal firm that is hunting you down to pay up for the services that are being provided to you inform of taxes. Well it is not excellent either particularly since you don’t have the money to pay the taxes that have been accrued overtime and likewise they don’t let you understand that there are avenues that you can follow to get a tax relief.

Tax Lines Rises

The variety of tax liens filed by the Internal Revenue Service increased even as the ability of Americans who owed back taxes lost their ability to pay up, largely because of increasing unemployment.

The IRS filed over one million tax liens against American taxpayers in the 2010 fiscal year, up 14 percent over 2009, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate, an independent company within the IRS that assists taxpayers who are experiencing financial harm. By comparison, the IRS submitted only 168,000 tax liens in 1999. Continue reading