Watch Brian McKnight Speak on His $1.5 Million Tax Debt

Facing a $1.5 million tax debt, Brian McKnight is ready to talk about the situation. While speaking with Huffington Post, McKnight opened up about his debt, and the ongoing lawsuit he has filed against his former accountant.

In the video clip, McKnight drops some knowledge and advice for other celebrities that could possibly end up in his situation, saying you have to watch every penny and what is going on.

“When you have business managers, when you have folks managing your money, it’s very important that you know where every single penny of yours, not just the dollars, is going,” he said. “And that those people are doing their diligence to make sure that you’re on time with the things that you need to be on time with. Because we basically all work just to pay taxes, let’s be real about that. Practically in my tax bracket. And when those things lapse, there can be some bad things that happen.”

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Will Hillary Clinton be the Next Tax Evasion Victim?

If the Clinton’s were so broke, where did all that money come from? Was it reported to the mighty IRS truthfully or was something hidden?

We left White House ‘broke’: Hillary Clinton defends speaking fees

(CNN) – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended the fact she’s reportedly made $5 million in speaking fees since leaving the State Department in early 2013 by arguing that her family “came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt.”

Pressed by ABC’s Diane Sawyer in a clip of an interview that will air in full on Monday night, Clinton added that her family had “no money” when they left the White House more than a dozen years ago and “struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea’s education.”

“You know, it was not easy,” she said in the excerpt that aired on “Good Morning America.”

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